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Hi Mike
We had great pleasure of your advice some years ago when my family and I did a long tour from Beira to Gorongosa to Chimanimani and further down south to Vilanculos using rented cars and public transport, in particular Gorongosa and the climb to the peak of Mnt Gorongosa were awsome. It was exciting to come back to a country and a region where I spent almost three years in the eighties. Now we have appetite for more and would like to ask some advice from you and eventually making use of some of your services.

In July 2018, we (My family=5 adults) plan to come back to Mozambique, in particular the Northern part where I was initially suppposed to be based in the eighties before being redirected to Beira due to the civil war. We plan to fly in to Nampula, rent two 4x4s, visit Ilha and maybe Ibo, before heading to Lichinga via Montepuez and Marrupa. We plan to stay in pensions/hotels, but we also bring tents. I understand from previous items in your forum that the road to Marrupa is bad but passable in the dry season, while the western part should be OK. On the way,we would very much like to visit and stay in the Niassa Reserve, but I have difficulties getting an overview of the possibilities there. I understand that Lugenda was an upscale camp that is currently closed.I have heard about a number of eco-tourism projects, but I find it difficult to get in contact with those. I have heard names as Mpopo Islands Trail Camp, Niassa Lions Projects, Mairi Education Centre and references to other that might however be the same as those mentioned above. We would like sto stay some days, if possible, and do guided hikes and climbing inselsberg. Of course,we would like to see animals, but not big 5 or anything like that. The greatness of Gorongosa was the wasteness of land and light and the multiplicity of all kinds of animals along the river bank. We might also visit Lake Niassa beforegoing back to the East coast and spend some days at the archipelago.

Would it be possible for you to confirm my view of the accessibility of the road between Pemba and Lichinga and give os some advice with respect to the possibilities in the Niassa Reserve. I would also be interested hearing about the services you can provide for travellers like us.

Kind regards and looking forward for your advice
Claus Kastberg

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Hi Claus

good to hear form you again and that you are coming back to Moz. I am currently departing for a big trip covering southern Moz so will be able to answer for comprehensively in the next few days.



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