Linga Linga is not to be missed if you have a (slightly) adventurous spirit and a desire to experience non-commercialized, uncomplicated Mozambique. Dhows leave for Linga Linga irregularly from the Inhambane and Maxixe jetties so get down to the waterline, put out word that you’re headed for Linga Linga, and soon (could be the next day) a dhow will be at your disposal. For the same price per day as a dozen beers would cost you, a sturdy, seaworthy craft and crew will be at your disposal. If the wind is right, the trip will take three to four hours, but if it fails, prepare yourself for an uncomfortable wait. The sun is the worst enemy of becalmed sailors; so take along plenty of water and a capulana (sarong) to rig up for shade.

Linga Linga is the focus of some schemes to develop it into an ecotourist destination, but a lack of potable water and its remote location are hampering efforts. Be fully self-sufficient if you are heading here, and include enough drinking water (10 litres, or 20 pints, per person per day is recommended).

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