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New Ferry for Maputo-Catembe

Mozambique's Transport and Communications Minister, Paulo Zucula, inaugurated in Maputo this Thursday a new ferry for the transport of both passengers and cargo between the city of Maputo, Mozambican capital, and the Municipal District of Catembe on the other side for Maputo Bay. This new ferry baptized 'Mpfumo' (traditional name of the city of Maputo) has the capacity to carry 250 passengers, 10 cars and four light trucks with 10 -15 tonnes of cargo.
'Mpfumo' is part of a batch of six new boats purchased last December by the Government on an investment budgeted at 16.4 million US dollars to improve transport in the main water crossings in the country. The sum also includes rehabilitation of docking infrastructures.
The other five vessels are currently operating in other regions of the country. Speaking during the ceremony, Zucula said, 'to day is a moment of joy.' 'This inauguration is a small step, but are the small steps that take us forward,' emphasized Zucula, adding that the act symbolizes government's commitment to ensure transport of quality in the main crossings in the country. – Source AIM NEWS

Note that the first crossing from Maputo departs at 5:00 AM, and the first from Catembe at 5:30. Departures are then about every 30 minutes until 10:00 (from Maputo) or 10:30 (from Catembe).

Think the cost is MT250 per vehicle.



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