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Hi Mike.
Please let me know which is a good stretch of coast to travel along
( sometimes on the beach )and visit a few nice areas where the fishing / diving is good and there is a bit of activity at the Beach Lodges we will stay at. We are 4 guys wanting to do some 4x4 traveling along the coast , stopping at 4 - 5 Beach lodges along the way which are not too expensive , but comfortable and with at least ceiling fans in the rooms.( A/C a bonus)
We would like to go fishing on a ski boat + hire a dow and do some diving.
Could we hire a good reliable 4x4 near the Southern border with RSA and then travel up the coast for around 500km and back, or are all the nice places more north ?
Do you have some good websites i can visit to see the possible places, accommodation, 4x4 hire, deep sea fishing boats , maps etc.
When is a good time to plan this trip, when there are less mosquitos and maybe either side of the Peak Season when prices are lower.
We are still battling the recession in the property game, but need a break.


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Firstly note that, other than to launch a boat at designated launching sites, beach driving is illegal throughout Moz. I know that some folks use 'contacts' to organize 'permits' but even this is a form of corruption and the charges have been increasing.

Best time to visit Moz is outside of the SA school easter and Christmas holiday periods so I would go between April and July or September to November. Lowest mosquito time is prob August September when it is most windy.

So keep off the beaches, the fine is the equiv of around R5000 and you can have your vehicle, boat etc confiscated if you don't pay.

Vehicle hire: closest to Ponta do Ouro would be Durban, next is Joburg, but many SA rental co's don't allow vehicles into Moz, or charge additional cross border fees. So prob the best is to drive to Maputo (via Swaziland if from KZN, or via Lebombo /Ressano Garcia if from Gauteng) get hold of Europcar in Maputo, and no I don't get commission but I have used them previously, as have other users of mozguide.

I found this quote on www.europcar.co.mz/ (note that the approx current Rand to Metical rate is R1 = MT4
Group W : FORD Ranger 2.5 cc 4x4 XLT Double Cab

Your quotation includes:
10 day(s) at a daily rate of 3.725,00 MZM
111,75 MZM for airport service charge corresponding to 3% charged on your daily rate
unlimited kilometres free
Standard Collision damage/theft excess at 125.000,00 MZM

Total: 37.361,75 MZM
Total: 9.340,44 ZAR (estimated)

From Maputo head up to Chidenguele (350km north of Maputo) and turn off to www.nhambavalelodge.co.za/ where you can hire a ski-boat.

From there get up to Barra Lodge www.barraresorts.com/welcome.php?pg=14

Next up to Pomene Lodge: www.barraresorts.com/welcome.php?pg=15

And for some rustic real Moz lastly get up to Inhassoro and camp or take a chalet at Hotel Seta: www.inhassoro.org/

You could also visit Vilankulos (banks, shops, Wi-Fi, hospital etc) but this is not a great beach destination and blue Water beach where everyone used to go has not had good reviews lately. In Vilankulos I would stay at Smugglers www.smugglers.co.za/ which has reasonable beach accomm, good restaurant and also Inn-type rooms overlooking a great pool area. Free WiFi hotspot here too.

Coming back home stop in at Sunset beach just north of Xai-Xai: www.sunsetbeachlodge.com/index.php?p=about

Lots of really useful info in the PDF downloads (see above) also go to www.ofroadsandsea.com (can be out of date) and also www.4x4community.co.za/ and



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