Negomano Unity 1 Rovuma Bridge ALMOST COMPLETE.

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According to the Moz newspaper NOTICIAS of Dec 8, and Radio Mozambique also Dec 8, the Unity 1 (Ponte Unidade or Umoja Bridge) has been complete and only a few remaining finishing touches remain to be done. Problem is no date for official inaugoration has been announced just that this will take place when the Presidents of both Moz and Tanzania are available. Perhaps vehicles will be allowed to use it in the interrum, but your guess is as good as mine:


Thanks for this update from Christine:

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Posted - 12/06/2009 : 10:11:56
The bridge between Matwara and Moz is not open,we crossed on a causeway of sand next to the new bridge on the 1/11/2009 quite fine as long as the river is low.The bridge still has one section missing looks like at least six months.

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Posted - 12/07/2009 : 02:25:31

Hi Christine

thanks for that report. Yes the Chinese contractor has messed this one up badly - the Negomano / Mtambaswala bridge was due to be completed by Sept 2008, and the Moz and Tanz govts have threatened to cancel the contract on a number of occassions.

The temporary causeway that you used gets washed away when the rains begin - so any day now it will not be useable.

One span should take about 2 months to complete, judging by the progress over the past few months.



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