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Hi all

For those of you I haven't met or chatted with before I'm the slack techie who originally setup the MozGuide site with Mike :)
For a number of years now we've had a lot of thoughts about how we could improve the site and have finally had the time to get it done.

Mike's done an awesome job over the past 5 years in growing MozGuide and the forum and I've felt the technology has not quite kept pace.
I'm happy to announce though that we have a new site in testing that we will be releasing soon.

Features will include:
1. Advanced content management system
2. New forum but will all the old content imported
3. More advanced user management system that will also allow you to post article comments, content, pictures and articles (ie. trip reports)
4. Photo -
5. Search across articles and forum
6. New opportunities for advertising, lodge promotion and commercial promotions.

We'll be launching with the base information from the PDF documents and will then be updating the content and adding more features as we go. In the next few weeks we'll post a link to the site and ask for comments.

When we go live we will require all existing members to reset their passwords so please make sure your profile email address is current and up to date.

Look forward to hearing your comments and feedback over the next few weeks.


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