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Hello Mike (and others),

Thanks again for helping out so much. Your site is a wonderful resource.

Couple of questions:

1) I am planning a longer trip this July from Malawi (Blantyre or Lilongwe) to the Mangochi/Mandimba border crossing, to Cuamba, train to Nampula, and then north to Pemba, Quirimbas, and eventually crossing to Mtwara Tanzania. This route is well north of the areas and roads that have been targeted by Renamo, correct? Is there any safety concern in these areas related to military involvement?

2) Does anyone know if the Cuamba/Nampula train is currently running daily, or is it only 3 times per week in each direction? I have read conflicting things, some which may be outdated. If it is only a couple times per week, does anyone know what days it currently departs from Cuamba? Or does it run every day, but only 2nd class some days? If so, what days would that be?

3) Are there any guest houses currently open in Cuamba? I read that Vision 2000 closed. Is Pensao Sao Miguel still around?

Thanks again for all of the help.


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Thanks for the compliment and apologies for the reply delay.

There is currently no Renamo bandit activity anywhere in Mozambique and certainly no problems currently on the route that you will be using.

My info is that Sao Miguel is still open, but a search on this forum came up with:

Regarding the train I cannot confirm on which days it runs, but the latest I remember is every day. Did find the prices here:

Perhaps look up Ruby backpackers Nampula and ask them about the train.

Have a fantastic trip!



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