Tanzania or Malawi on motorbike?

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Hi Mike

I am currently travelling with my girlfriend on the back of my bike. We have reached Vilanculos and our plan was to continue north finally exiting at the Mtwara border crossing into Tanzania. We are just unsure about this border crossing route at this time of year and the feasibility of getting our bike (heavily loaded KTM 990) and us across safely with regards road conditions and boats etc. Would you recommend this is achievable? Or should we perhaps be planning a route into Malawi instead and reach Tanzania this way? We were planning to hit Malawi after Tanzania but if it makes sense journey wise to do the other way around, we are open to plan changes. While I can easily negotiate sandy tracks without pillion or luggage involved, it's a long process with our current set up so also trying to avoid long sections to untapped road, increasing the chances of dropping the bike (my girlfriend isn't that strong so again it's a long process unloading everything and getting the bike upright again!). Any advice Mike is greatly appreciate. Cheers Shaun


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apologies for reply delay. Heading to Tanzania and then to Malawi is a very big detour, so do Malawi first. The route that I recommend is Vilankulo - Inchope - Vila Gorongosa (Gorongosa town) - Caia - Mocuba - Mulanje / Milange. Apart from the last 30km between Mocuba and Milange (may be less now as road works are continuing), the entire route is tarmac. Inchope to Caia is very broken and potholed tarmac on long stretches, but careful driving on a bike should be now problem.

I would stay at Gorongosa adventures gorongosa-adventures.blogspot.co.za/ a few km down the road to Chitengo in Gorongosa Park, or at the Kapulana Gorongosa guesthouse just as you arrive in Gorongosa town. Then next night at Mphingwe camp www.mphingwe.com/ 32km south of Caia and next day into Malawi.


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