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Hi Mike
We are planning a trip to the south of Mozambique. In at the Kosi Bay Border. I have read online that there is a 4x4 route called the Gold and Elephant route that goes from Ponta Do Ouro to Macaneta (400km). My question is - Is it possible to drive from the border to Ponta Do Ouro via this route to Macaneta with a 2x4 vehicle with a skilled driver?

Then we are driving up to Inhambane and Vilankulos and then to Pafuri - again - will a 2x4 Ford Ranger make this trip in Septemner?

Thank you,



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Hi. And welcome to Mozguide. Your info reminds me of one of those "Lost City" legends that I have chased in the past with great fun and adventure without really expecting to find anything.

So, firstly there is no route that exactly matches your description. This is partly due to the almost completed tarring of the Ponta do Ouro to Catembe (south across the bay from Maputo) road.

Unfortunately, without a proper 4x4 (i e low range and at least 200mm ground clearance), I cannot advisr you to use any sandy tracks for long distances.

So you can still enter at Ponta do Ouro, with skill, soft tires and perhaps some pushing, make the ten km to the new tar road from which it is an easy drive to Catembe and the ferry to Maputo. Or you could go via Boane, Matola and the new "Ring Road" that bypasses Maputo and avoids ferry delays.

To Macaneta is then on tar to the new bridge over the Incomati River and sand from there to the beach. Some lodges need 4x4, some don't.

Where will you stay while in Moz. I recommend Kosi Bay Lodge for a night or two before entering Moz.



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