Crossing the Save at Massangena

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Hi Mike,

I'm doing a trip in mid to late December where we will be coming from Gonarezhou in Zimbabwe with a view to heading up the western side of Mozambique to Tete and then on to Malawi.

My question is two fold:

1. I realise that the water levels fluctuate on a daily / weekly basis but would appreciate some information on the Save river crossing at Massangena. Is there a ferry or pontoon in the event the water is too deep to cross by vehicle?

2. We want to steer clear of the EN1 completely hence heading up the western side, are there any particular security concerns?

Your input is appreciated!!



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Hi there

Apologies for the delayed reply.

December is usually a bad time to be away from a tarred road in SE Zimbabwe and SW Mozambique. The big rains usually arrive with a vengeance around this time, and even if the Save River is still low enough to chance a crossing - there is no ferry of any sort - this will be the least of your worries. There are numerous small streams and channels that quickly flood the route, and pans fill up blocking progress.

You cannot drive along the border all the way from Sango / Chiculacuala to the Save crossing at Mavue. There is a track under the Cahora Bassa powerlines that you can use, but in December I would go Chicualacula - Mapai Estacao (Sao Jorge do Limpopo) - Machaila - Massangena - Chitobe (called Machaze by the locals) - Muxungue (Nova Golega on some maps).

Many of Gonarezhou's roads may be impassable by mid December and the River could block your way if driving from The north to the south.

So, your call. You could bail by heading to Chokwe, Macia and Xai-Xai if you get to Chicualacula and the heavens open. Don't even think about Guija (Canicado) -Chibuto - Xai-Xai as that is ptetty horrible even in the dry season due to broken tarmac and long detours where two bridges were washed away and have not been rebuilt.

Enjoy your trip



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