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Hello Mike
Can you please tell me about the route from Ponta do Ouro to Maputo Airport, I need to take someone there and then return to Ponta.
Is the road good? Is it tar or gravel or 4x4? How long will it take? Is the bridge at Maputo completed yet or do I take the ferry? What obstacles will I encounter and which route should I take?
Kindly advise
Best regards


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Hi Pierre
Welcome to Mozguide.
No the bridge is not yet open and I do not recommend that you use the ferry as it is unreliable and there may be a long queue of vehicles.

The good news is that the road is now all excellent tarmac, except for a few hundred metres as you leave Ponta do Ouro.

So go Ponta do Ouro towards Maputo, but at Bela Vista turn left to Boane and carry on through Matola to Maputo Airport.

This Google map linked below is accurate, but I would assume 3.5 hours for the trip as the traffic from Boane through Matola to the airport can be congested.

Shared route
From Ponta do Ouro to Maputo International Airport.
2 hr 51 min (171 km)
2 hr 58 min in current traffic
1. Head northwest
2. Turn right
3. Turn left
4. Continue straight
10. Arrive at location: Boane District
12. Turn left
14. Continue straight
15. Take the ramp to Av. De Moçambique
16. Turn left onto Av. De Moçambique
17. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto R. Carlos Morgado
18. Exit the roundabout onto R. Carlos Morgado
19. Turn left at Avenida Angola
20. Turn left
21. Turn right
22. Turn right
23. Continue straight
24. Arrive at location: Maputo International Airport
For the best route in current traffic visit goo.gl/maps/EkgtQXRdSQ52

Good well



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