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Hi Mike,
We are planning a trip to Vilanculos in September, and were wondering what the road from Mutare to Vilanculos is like, and also what it's like from Chipinge. We've been told that from Chipinge the road is really good? I'm sure it must be pretty bad, after the hurricane hit. Can you shed any possible info on this for me?
Many thanks,


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Hi Estelle
Three weeks ago I drove Vilanculos - Goonda (Buzi River bridge on EN 1) - Dombe - Ndzou Camp (Moribane forest) - Sussundenga - Chimoio - Gorongosa Park - Inchope - and back south down the EN1 to Vilanculos.

I also know the Chipinge - Espungabera route well.

Mutare - Chimoio - Inchope is in excellent condition with some sudden and expected roadworks between Chimoio and Inchope so watch ahead.

The 150km from Chimoio to Muxungue is deceptive. Long stretches are in good condition, but there are patches of really deep and deadly potholes that can really spoil your day.

The 130km Muxungue to Save bridge is slow due to roadworks where you drive on very dusty deviations. From Save to Pambara at the turn off to Vilanculos, most has been repaired, but for the last 20km there are very bad potholes.
I estimate, at sensible speeds (60-80kph), excluding the border delay, Mutare to Vilanculos is 9hrs.
Now to the Chipinge route. I don't know the condition of Mutare to Chipinge. Chipinge to the Mt Selinda / Espungabera border was damaged by Cyclone Idai, but in the dry season it is quite drivable. Espungabera to Dombe excellent tarmac. Dombe to Goonda (Buzi River bridge on EN 1) is fairly rough, but very dusty gravel/sand.

Estimated time Espungabera to Vilanculos is 7hrs.

From Mutare I would use the scenic and quiet and good road Chimoio - Sussundenga - Dombe - Goonda (Buzi Bridge EN1) - Save bridge - Vilanculos route.

A really nice place to overnight is Ndzou Camp in the Moribane forest. Nelson is the manager +258 86 779 1665.


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