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Internet is slow here, so little time to try to find the info on your website. Also, driving takes much longer than expected, so in need of up to date info. We are travelling from Vilanculos to Chicualacuala to cross the border into Zimbabwe. What would be the best way to get there? We have 2 to 3 days to finally get to Gonazherou NP. Please advise! We read about the Fish Eagle Camp near Banhine NP and we read about the Machaila Community Campsite. So, this could be a first stop. How much te would that take? And then Machaila, Mapai and the border. What about this stretch? Thank you in advance for your help!


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Hi there.

Note that for this route a good 4x4 vehicle with a fuel range of at least 700km is required. There are fuel stations at Mabote, Mapai Railway and at Chicualacuala, but supplies are unreliable. Payments in cash meticais only so ensure that you have sufficient cash when you depart Vilanculos.

I would use use the Mapinhane - Mabote - Machaila - Mapai Railway (also called Sao Jorge do Limpopo) - Chicualacuala (Malvernia) route. If you want to camp then stay over at Machaila community campsite which is about 6hrs from Vilanculos.

If you prefer not to camp then there is Casa Bufalo Mapai which is about 1km from Mapai (Railway) on the right hand side if coming from Machaila. Mapai is about an 8 hour drive from Vilanculos.

Go well


The road from Mapai to Chicualacuala (Malvernia) is excellent tarmac so takes about one hour.

Note that Sango (Zimbabwe) border fees are $50 - $60 depending on the size of your vehicle's engine. Gonarezhou fees can be paid in cash US$ at Mabalauta, but Chipinda Pools does accept credit cards.


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