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Hi Mike

Thanks so much for the information you share and your contribution to Mozambique and overlanding.

I note that most travelers go from Mabote to Mapinhane and from there to Vilankulos/Inhassoro. There is however the more direct route to Inhassoro via Cometela and Maimelane. Is this a much more difficult/remote route or are there other reasons to avoid it?

I am hoping to do a trip with my wife and 2 small children from Pafuri at the end of Feb and am conscious that we shouldn't take too many risks traveling alone.Will have lots of water and 2 spare wheels etc.

Kind regards


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Hi Henk and thanks for the compliment!

The route via Cometela and Maimelane covers very sandy and sometimes overgrown tracks and so takes a few hours longer than going via Mabote to Mapinhane and then heading north along the EN.1

Note that the rains in this area of Mozambique only end in April. While there is currently a drought, just one heavy storm along the route can cause flash floods and extremely difficult to impossible driving conditions.

An added complication is that the Limpopo river is currently too deep to drive through and so you will have to be brave enough to use the homemade pontoon ferry at Mapai. I have used it succesfully twice, but Limpopo was quite narrow and not flowing strongly.

I would not use this route until the end of the rainy season in May.

My regards



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