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Hi Mike, i´ll be in durban in feb-06 and hope i can travel from there to ponta d´ouro, is this possible?
Do you know of any nice places to stop along the way, kosi bay?
Is visa possible on the border?
Places to stay and good diveshops?

I´ve been to moz 2 times this year, so i know a few things about the country and the roads..

Thanks Nicklas


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Thanks Nicklas

Hi Nicklas

Visas are easy to get at the border for R170. Your passport must be valid for 6 months from date of exit from Moz.
The closest town in SA to Ponta do Ouro is Kwa Ngwanase (Emanguzi) and I do not know whether there are regular buses from Durban direct. I do know that you can get a bus to Pongola and then a minibus or bus from Pongola to Kwa Ngwanese. A good source of info is the backpackers just outside of KwanNgwanase called Thobeka featured on the bottom LHS of mozguide front page. There are many great places to see en-route such as Lake St Lucia and Kosi Bay itself. You will have a problem finding public transport from Kwa Ngwanase to Ponta do Ouro, but ask Thobekas for advice. I know that it's easy enough to hitch a lift.

Where do you intend to stay in Ponta do Ouro? I do not know of a backpackers there, the Dolphin Encountours is fairly cheap and nice, but ask Thobeka's.

Best wishes



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