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We are a couple of backpackers who will be travelling in Mozambique in January. Could you give us any advice on safety in the north? We first intended to do Maputo - Vilanculos - Catapu (Mphingwe) - Gurué - Mossuril - Mozambique Island - Pemba and Ibo Island, but Catapu and Gurué don't seem that safe anymore... However, I would really love to go to the north. Thanks for your advice!



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Hi Kristin and welcome to mozguide.

Apologies for the delayed reply.

To me, northern Mozambique is from the Zambezi River, northwards, so Zambezia, Nampula, Niassa and Cabo Delgado Provinces. There have been very few Renamo bandit related security issues directly affecting tourists with the incident involving birders near Inhaminga being one that I know of.

Mphingwe / Catapu itself is safe, but currently not advisable to use the Inhamitanga road. I have not heard of any problems for tourists in the Gurue area, but you can find out for yourself by looking up

The biggest concerrn for people using public transport in Mozambique is the fact that Renamo does target passenger buses on the three stretches of road that are escorted by armed convoys.

For peace of mind I would consider (if you can afford it) visiting Vilanculos and then going back to Maputo and catching LAM to Nampula then going to Gurue, Ilha de Mocambique and Pemba.

Not a great option. Perhaps in Vilanculos you will find a private vehicle heading north that will be willing to give you a ride.

Difficult times for travelers trying to get from Maputo to Mozambique north of the Zambezi river.

Go well,



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