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Olá Theunis,
When I was going with the ferry, it was not very crowded. So it must be possible easily. I suggest, do not go on weekends, might be too many pepole on the boat. They have A LOT of space for the people (2 desks !), but surely that does not mean that they carry all your stuff. I got to know the boat crew as very friendly people, I´m sure they will help you. In the worst case you must pay a little bit for all your stuff.
By the way: why do you wanna carry food ? There is a kind of supermarket in the centre of Vila de Inhaca where you can buy all basic things. If you need some special things, you better bring it from Maputo, but all basic foods like bread, spagetti, rice, vegetables, even canned beaf and sausages you can buy in Inhaca Town.

Go to the ticket office a day before or go there when the boat arrives in the afternoon and speak with the boat crew.
Hope, I could help,

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I need some more info on the ferry. I want to go and camp on Inhaca for about a week, and will have to take tents x3 plus all camping gear, food and clothes. Can one take all this on the ferry?

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Olá para todos !

There are some confusing threads and posts about Ilha de Inhaca in this forum. I have been there in the begining of may 2010, and I can help to order and clear some things about Inhaca Island.

How to get there:
Everybody who is not willing to spend a big amount of money for the transport should take the "barco do governo" that leaves in Maputo at the same port where the ferry to Catembe starts as well. The boat to Inhaca starts there at 7.30 (on time !). This boat goes on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and returns the same day.
On Inhaca it leaves at 14.30 and arrives in Maputo at about 17.30. A one way ticket costs 100.- MZM

On weekends and ocasionally on working days there are leaving alternative boats at the porto dos pescadores (very close to the fortleza) in Maputo. There is the Vodacom boat and another private one which is owned by a man named Antônio. They leave at 8.00 in the morning and return almost the same time like the barco do governo. These private boats are very expensive. Vodacom charges 1800.- MZM on working days and 2500.- MZM on weekends ! It is much too much considering the fact that they are even not much faster than the barco do governo. The trip with the barco do governo takes about 3 hours, these private boats need about 2 and a half hours. This is a real rip off, I must say.

Acomodação na Ilha de Inhaca:
There are 3 or 4 luxury lodges spread about the whole island. Those among you who are willing to spend 100.- US$ a night or more will find information in the internet. They have their websites.
I guess that most of you are interessted in private acomodation or campsites.
I didn´t find a campsite. I camped at the beach of the Ilha dos Português which is Inhacas neighbour island. I didn´t have any problems.
I did not camp on Inhaca itself. I don´t know anything about this.

There is a nice private house in Vila de Inhaca, right in the center of this little village. It is about 400 meters distant from the port, located on top of a small hill. The owner is Fernando, and he has 2 rooms and one tent to rent. A room (for 2 people) costs 500.- MZM, the tent (for 2 people as well) costs 400.- MZM per night. Very good service, he and his wife make you a real home. You live with them among all the kids, animals and neighbours, but unfortunately they do not offer breakfast. Fernando is often booked out. So you better call him before entering the boat: 827188549.

Vila de Inhaca:
There is a supermarket on the main road that has quite a lot of things for daily needs to offer. So you do not have to bring anything from Maputo, there is everything you need in this shop. Unfortunately I forgot its name, but you´ll find it, it is on the main road.

There are some small restaurants around in the village. I have been taking my almoço quite often at the "Calor Tropical". Good meals for reasonable prices, about 150.- MZM for a large portion of rice with fish. You must tell them in the morning , if you want to eat at noon. "Calor Tropical" is NOT located at the main street. It is in one of the many huts beside the road. Do not hesitate entering the "real part" of the town where the locals live beside the touristic part of this pleasant village. Ask the locals, everybody knows where "Calor Tropical" is, they will show you.

There is one restaurant at the main street that is offering meals with european standard: it is called "Restaurant Lucas". But they have european prices as well. For a fish with some potatoes they wanted about 500.- MZM including one or two drinks. That´s a lot, and I was not really full, when I got out. So, I tell you what I always tell everybody: you better do NOT go to touristic places ! Go to the locals restaurants and pousadas. There you get more for your money.

What you can do:
There are a lot of nice beaches on Ilha de Inhaca. So everybody who came to Moçambique to relax and to swim takes a good choice when staying on Inhaca.
From the village you can walk along the beach to the biology station, about 5 km south of the village. They have a museum where they exposed a lot of big turtle shells. The scientists there can give you a lot of information about the sealife around Inhaca Island. From this station there is a way back through the inner island which is passing another big bay and leads through nice forests. This way has much more than 5km, so doing the whole trip by feet needs a good health condition. But it is very interessting.

Other interessting places are the Farol de Inhaca and the beach of Santa Maria. These two places are about 15 km out of the village of Inhaca, so you better do not do that by feet. In the village of Inhaca, along the main road there are some boys offering trips to these places by 4-wheel car or Motorbike. They charge about 25 - 30 US$ for a trip to both places within one afternoon. Both places are really worth seeing. Santa Maria is a large nice beach where you can meet bis seaturtles, when you´re lucky. Near the Farol de Inhaca there are some nice beaches as well.
Unfortunately I didn´t ask about camping on these two places. I guess it must be possible. But you should take all your food with you. Like on Ilha dos Português, where I made my camping experience, there is not much around there.

So, all in all Inhaca is a pleasant place "where they have all kinds of facilities for every size of purse". It is a good choice for everyone who wants to escape the noise and the hectic pace of Maputo for a couple of days.

So far,

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