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Hello Mike.

Congrats on the webpage and the nice forum!

I have been in Mz for the last 3 months on a business visa, now next week I will have to leave the country. Ideally I wanted to extend my visa for 30 more days, but immigration in Maputo did not accepted my request. I am in the process of requesting my DIRE but of course I have to leave the country first to request a residence visa in a Mz consulate .

I am thinking on my options and I wonder if you can recommend me something. The reason I wanted to extend my visa is to have all my paper work in place before any move. I can not enter SA, but I was thinking that Swaziland is an option although Mz consulate do not suppose not to give residence visas. I was thinking of may be requesting a 1 month tourist visa if Swaziland migration lets me in.

Is there any other option you could think of, before thinking of Tanzania. I had Tanzania in my options for December and do my normal residence visa process. But for now it looks that I have to make this Tanzania trip earlier wait for my documents (hoping the Mz consultate do give residence visas).

Thanks for your time mate



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Hi Ruben

Apologies for the delayed reply. Yes only border visas can be extended at migracao in Moz. To extend multiple entry visas, you need to leave the country. You can get a 30 day Visto da Fronteira (border visa) at most land borders including Namaacha and Goba from Swaziland. But your question seems to be whether the Moz consulates in Swazi and Tanz issue residence visas.

I am pretty sure that they do, but contact them yourself:

And here are the regulations you must follow. Some will be very difficult if not applying from your home country:
A Residence Visa is issued to a foreigner intending to establish residence in Mozambique395. The request for residence may be extended to the spouse and children of the applicant. The Residence Visa is a necessary precursor to the application for a residence document, as described below. The Residence Visa allows the bearer to enter Mozambique and there to obtain a residence document. It should be noted that this visa is valid for only one entry into the country.
Applications are submitted on the form provided396. The embassy or consulate receiving the application consults with the Immigration Service before issuing the visa397.
The standard requirements for visa applications apply. These requirements are398:  Passport or other legal travel document valid for at least 6 months;
 Guarantee of means of subsistence when in Mozambique;
 Form, duly completed;
 Payment of a fee.
In addition the following requirements apply399:
 Police clearance certificate issued by the relevant authority in the country of origin of
the applicant or country in which the applicant has been resident for the last two years;
 Medical certificate;
 Guarantee of board and lodging in Mozambique (usually in the form of a letter
provided by the employer for example);
 Documents that prove earnings if the applicant wishes to live from his private

More strength to you, quite a lot of hoops to jump through.



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