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Hi all!

Just arrived from 2 week travelling and want to share some info:

Beira - Quelimane (about 7 hrs)
Very good tar road. Before getting to Nicoadala some sections had minor pot holes. In Quelimane stayed in Hotel Rosy (1000 MTZ double room), not recommendable.

Quelimane - Mulanje (about 1,1/2 hrs to Mocuba and 4 to Mulanje)
Due to the previous rainy days, the road Mocuba-Milange was a bit deteriorated. In Mulanje stayed at Kara O'Mula (60 USD double room), quite nice. going to Malawi, remember to put white reflectives on the sides of the front bumper, we had quite some trouble for not having those...

Mulanje - Gurue (4,1/2 hrs)
We took the road via Molumbe. Had some muddy sections and a bridge and some parts were being repaired, including a bridge as it seemed they had been washed away with the rains, but overall the road conditions were better then Mocuba-Milange. In Gurue stayed in the catholic Mission which has really nice rooms and food. Unfortunately the "Casa dos Noivos" had been vandalized recently...

Gurue - Pemba (about 10 hrs)
Through Nampevo the road is tar all the way north. Excellent conditions until Namialo (the crossing after Nampula) and a bit worse up to Metore, excellent again to Pemba. Diesel was quite expensive in Alto Molocue, so avoid filling here. Pemba is growing fast and chaotically, but staying in Pemba dive and Bush Camp it felt like being away from the town.

Pemba - Ibo (about 2,1/2 hrs)
The dirt road to Metuge and after is good, except for the "inverted bridges" that make it a bit annoying to drive through. The car parking in Tandanhangue was 100 MTZ / night. Stayed in Cinco Portas, beautiful place with sea view and nice rooms (though we slept in the terrace where there are two beds with mosquito nets (60 USD double room inc. breakfast).

Ibo - Ilha de Mozambique (about 6 hrs)
Always tar from Namialo. Stayed at "O Escondidinho" in the big room (3300 MTZ for 5 people inc. breakfast). The place is really nice, except for the very very loud music coming from the backyard from 9am to 4am.

Ilha de Mozambique - Mocuba (6,1/2 hrs)
The section Nampevo-Mocuba is terrible (almost 1 hour for some 40 kms). Besides that, very good tar road. In Mocuba stayed in Pensão Cruzeiro, with clean rooms enough for a good night sleep if you need to, although the tap water is brown.

Mocuba - Beira (8 hours)


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really nice report, many thanks for that! so the road north from Caia is almost all new tar! Funny thing is that I really miss the days when it took 2 days Beira - Caia via Inhaminga, then 4 days Caia - Ilha. The road was potholed, trenches cut across, wash-aways, broken bridges BUT forests edge to edge, very few villages and we saw one other vehicle in a week! (But that was in 1993).

Do you live in Beira?



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