South Africa to Pemba and back with the Barclays.

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Thanks to Paul Johannes Barclay and family and group for this trip report:

December 2011:

A couple things first,we were 3 families all with off-road trailers and all
diesels Fuel was never a problem as we filled up whenever there was a filling
station, however take 20lts as sometimes it was a close call.the price was
always more than SA.Rands were ok up to Inchope after that it was Mets

Police road blocks were a breeze except Maputo where they were down right
greedy.Speed traps are everwhere

Road Conditions
We went through Kruger,road ok on SA side but a bit bumpy on Moz side of park,tar up to Vilanculos ok. Stayed at Blue Waters camp ,very nice place Vilanculos up to Inchope,the road is breaking up and narrow, beware of trucks coming at you they don't take prisoners Inchope north passed Gorongosa has pot holes big enough to put a desk in, after the park road is ok The only other really bad road is between Namacurra & Mocuba +/-65kms of deviations while they are building a new section
Mphingwe Forrest camp good
Nampula,the only place is +-12km out on the Malawi road,however the road was by far the roughest of the whole trip. The camp is really run down,it was very nice once long ago right next to a dam. Beware of super bugs

Llha da Mocambique.the camp by the bridge (if you have rough camped in Botswana its ok)beware the soft sand,not for 2 wheel drives.Has no running water so shower by bucket & flush toilets with said bucket.Has a new manager on 2 year contract so maybe will get better(100mets per head+300 for a security guard)

Pemba dive camp our final stop going north turned out to be a real hassle as they had electrical problems so our fridges started defrosting 37c at times The camp is inland and has plenty trees for shade but there are no sea breezes so it's very hot,the ablutions are nice but shower drain was always blocked
Lastly the pub had only warm beer or cool drinks.The whole thing became too much of a hassle so we left after 4 days,should have been 9 days, no refund or apology from the owners. The flies also were a problem Pemba is a dirty town where everybody throws their garbage in the road, the
stink and flies are awful
Coming home we stayed a mission in Nicuadala,it was in their grounds with same bucket story but everything was clean and they are very friendly

Bilene was our last stop, camp site was ok but toilets need upgrading badly. The town was dirty with broken glass everywhere, the aftermath of new year.

Paul Johannes Barclay


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