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This from Wingwoman on Lonely Planet:

Driving/ Car and Mozambique

My husband and I are planning to travel to Mozambique in May and have a number of questions that we are having trouble with. Please help!

1. If we wish to rent a car/ jeep, can we use our US driver's licenses in Mozambique? We do not have internationl drivers permits and are outside of the US already so we cannot obtain these. Any comments/ suggestions?

2. Any suggestions on renting a car in Mozambique? We know we need 4 wheel drive. Is it possible / recommended to rent a car in Tanzania (we will be there prior to Mozambique) and then drive across the border to Mozambique in order to do the stuff in the Northern part of the country?

3. If we do cross by land from Tanzania to Mozamique can we get a visa at the border or do we need to obain one in advance? (we have read alot of conflicting information on this-- has anyone done it recently)?

4. What about if we fly-- do we need a visa in advance or is one available at an airport (again, lots of conflicting details out there)

5. If we can't take a car across the border from Tanzania, is there a place near the Northern end of Mozambique where we can rent a car so we can just drive South or are all rentals out of Maputo only?



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Firstly right now most of the roads in N Moz are in better nic than the south as they were redone more recently. Just Namoto (Quionga) to Mocimboa da Praia, Nampula to Cuamba and Montpuez to Marrupa will need 4x4, otherwise ordinary car OK on all other MAIN roads. For example Pemba to Nampula 4,5 hours in a normal car last week.

1. You can use your US licenses in Moz, should be for a max of 3 months but as the transit police don't look at passports, who's to know? To rent you will need a credit card and perhaps a cash deposit (for the cheaper rents) too.

2. You will not be able to rent a 4x4 in Tanz and then go to Moz, even if the customs on Moz side let you in, how will you return it? Best place to ask about 4x4 rental is www.kaskazini.com based in Pemba Moz. They do get 'good' deals, but note still expensive and you will have to drop off the vehicle in Pemba or Nampula. I have managed to hire an ISuzu double cab 4x4 in Nampula (Moti) and drop it off in Lichinga in the past, but paid a hefty fee for a driver to come to Lichinga to pick it up and take it back to Nampula.

3. Get your visa in Dar es Salaam if going south to Moz. Even if someone got a visa at Namoto (on Moz side near Quionga) today, there are no guarantees that this will be the case next week. This border is the most disorganized and unreliable entry point into Moz - it's not unknown that the officials simply abscond for a while when 'quiet'. And it's an awfully long trek back to Dar to fix the problem.

4. Trust me, visas have been issued at all 'Airports of entry' into Moz for over 3 years now. I have personally been issued with a visa at the following airports during this period: Maputo, Vilankulo, Beira, Pemba and Songo. Cost is $30 and delay about 20-30 minutes. No photos or copies or anything else needed. Your passport must be valid 6 months from you date of intended exit.

5. First rent-a-car opp in N Moz if coming from Tanzania is Pemba. Have you considered buying say a well looked after Landrover III series in Dar (scour the net) for around $5 000 and then selling it further south to someone coming north? NO CARNET IS NEEDED TO ENTER MOZ, SO NO SURETY OR OTHER IMPLICATIONS.

Don't mention it


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