New Coastal Development in Nacala

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Nacala - a big investment opportunity

Nacala is situated in province of Nampula. Currently it is home to the deepest natural port in Southern Africa. For the last couple of years big developments have been happening focusing on upgrading the infrastructure in the port of Nacala itself, as well as around Nacala. The port of Nacala development aims to add more terminals and cargo storage bays to the already busy harbour. Mozambique is a big coal exporter, and the Nacala Corridor Project aims to connect the coal mines in Tete directly with the port of Nacala. Once this is done, the port will be able to export up to 100 million tonnes of coal a year, making it a major exporter of this resource.

A growing property market

With all these developments, the property market in and around Nacala is seeing growth. For savvy investors, the time to get in is right now! From a business perspective, the port region of Nacala is ideally situated to access all other areas of Mozambique. With investments from Japan, China, Brazil and many African countries, it is clear this development will change Mozambique's economy. It is already forecast to be one of the biggest economies in Africa by 2020, and currently shows some of the biggest growth numbers in the region, if not worldwide.

Bougain Villa Courtyard Village Development
Conceived by the Casa Nacala Team, this development is ideal for business people and their families. Situated on a beach outside of Nacala, this access controlled village is both secure and luxurious. There is something here for everyone: ranging from sea facing studio apartments to 4 bedroom double story villas, the style of this development focuses on integrating outside and inside areas as well as focusing on natural flowing lines.

The paperwork, land records, local partnerships, etc. are all set up and construction has already begun. Now the Casa Nacala team is looking for investors wanting to grab this unique opportunity to get into African economies at the ground level. The political situation in Mozambique is looking stable, the the growth forecast for this region is tremendous.

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