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I'm going to Moz in February and planning to stay for at least 5 months. I'm looking to find a patch of land (about 1-2 acres) on which to build/restore a small eco-guesthouse. What would be a reasonable price per acre for undeveloped land?

I've done quite a bit of research on the land leasing laws and I'm thinking registering a business is the way to attain the right to develop the land. What are your thoughts on that?

I'm quite keen on Ibo Island but not sure how visited Ibo is and if there is already enough accommodation on the place. I would very much appreciate tips on new up and coming places in Mozambique (anywhere nice really) where tourism is not overly developed yet.

Great site by the way. I hope to hear from you, your help will be much appreciated.

My best


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Yes registering a business in Moz is the right way to go.

But note that a Moz DIRE (residency permit) now costs MT25000(R5000) per year.

First thing to do is to speak to a lawyer. I presume that you have looked through all the relevant laws on

All land is state-owned in Moz, only improvements can be bought and sold. What can happen is that if land title is in the name of a company, your company may be able to buy that company and in that way gain the right to use and improve the land (DUAT).

Do a search on mozguide forums and on internet for DUAT Mozambique.

Ibo property rights have already mostly been snapped up by investors and quite a lot of new accomm now open there.

Most of Moz's (nice) tourism spots on the coast are probably oversubscribed by now.

But during 5 months in Moz I am sure that you will find something worthwhile.



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