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Hi Mike,

I am coming to Mozambique from the UK really soon and was hoping you might be able to offer some advice on gettting around once I'm there.

The plan is to spend a few weeks on the coast at Tofo and Vilankulos, but after that I was hoping to get up north and see Lake Niassa, which looks beautiful. From there I'd like to get over to the coast again via the Cobue - Nampula train and have some time on Ilha de Mocambique before returning south again.

In total I have about 7 weeks in Moz, so lots of time to get around, but I thought it would be a good idea to break up the longer stretches of travelling by taking some internal flights - one from Maputo to Lichinga and then one back south from Nampula to Maputo.

Everything I'd read on here (brilliant resource by the way!) and elsewhere led me to believe that flights wouldn't be too expensive - but LAM's Lisbon office have quoted me £290+ for each flight, despite the fact they're only one way. This seems crazy given that I'm flying from London to Jo'burg direct for £400 return and I wondered if you had any thoughts?

Are internal flights really that expensive nowadays? Do you think it might be cheaper to wait until I get into the country and then enquire about flights from there? If the prices don't come down I will have to think about doing the route by bus, but it seems a huge amount of ground to cover, and I'd rather not spend all my time on chapas if possible.

Would really appreciate any advice you, or anyone else has. Cheers!


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If you look up

you will see that the lowest fare quoted WAS MT4400 (expired last month) which at today's rate of MT40 to the Pound is 110 Pounds and yes the closer to departure that you book, the cheaper the fare - but you do take a chance that flights could be full.

So I think your plan is a good one and buy your tickets in Moz - there are LAM offices in all towns that are served by LAM.



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