Save Bridge - Muxungue convoy attacked again

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Bad news for anyone planning to go north of Inhassoro, to the Save - Muxungue stretch which is still under armed escort, or south from in Inchope / Muxungue to The Save River bridge. Renamo today attacked the first convoy heading south about 6km from Muxungue, causing military and civilian casualties. This, according to Renamo, is in response to Moz army attempts to assassinate their leader, Dhlakama who is holed up on the northern slopes of Mount Gorongosa. Convoys have been suspended and about 300 vehicles are already queuing at Save and Muxungue.

Unfortunately bad faith on both sides as well as the distraction of fabulous wealth promised by the gas and coal discoveries, from the continued abject poverty of most Mozambicans, has created and is nurturing this dangerous conflict.

Me? Well this June and July, via Giriyondo and Mapai, I am still going to Zim (Gona and E Highlands) and Moz (Gorongosa and Chimanimani / Moribane Forest, but my route home crosses the Save River at Massangena, and enters SA at Pafuri.


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