Gorongosa National Park operating normally

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From a distance the situation may appear to be worse than it is.

Sakkie van Zyl, who has a camp and tourist operation 40km from Gorongosa town, just outside of the Gorongosa Park, told me by phone yesterday that he was still taking guests up Mount Gorongosa, and so far all seems to be normal.

I contacted Parque Nacional do Gorongosa and the warden Mateus Mutemba, replied with the following:

"Dear Mike,

Thank you for your email and concern about the security situation in our region. As you mentioned it is all quiet here in our area and as such we maintained the park open and most of its operations. The Girassol Gorongosa lodge is also open. As far as the main road Inchope to Caia we also rely only on information we receive through the various media which up to now suggest that there are no incidents recorded. We assume that people are driving normally and making their own assessment of potential risks.

Best regards,"

So, one the ground in the Gorongosa area, all OK so far, but I cannot predict what a few hundred renegade Renamo rabble will get up to now that their Sathunjira base (Satunjira or Sandjunjira) has been taken over by FADM (Mozambique's army).



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