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I am planning a trip around northern Mozambique in late April. We are thinking of trying to get from Nampula to Metangula by public transport and then to fly back from Metangula to Maputo.

My understanding is that there is a train which leaves daily from Nampula, but only does part of the way, the rest must be done on a Taxi/bus.
My questions are firstly is the getting a bus from Cuamba(where I understand the train ends) to Metangula (via Lichinga, I believe) straightforward, how long is it likely to take?
What is a conservative estimate for the amount of time it can take, we would have 4 days or so, before our flight.
Finally, any idea with the route has been affected by the flooding?
Also, any other pointers would be appreciated.
I've traveled in Moz before (though not this far north) so am aware that it's hard going and uncertain which is part of the attraction of being there but I'm still keen to not take on more than can be done in the time I have.


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