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Hi Mike!
My friend and me are working in Vilankulo at the moment, and we have a week off. We want to go to Ilha de mozambique and we heard it would take 2 days, one day from vilanculo to beira and one day from beira to ilha de mozambique. I heard that generally the TCO from beira to namula is recommended, but we want to leave tomorrow from vilankulo and on saturday there is no TCO (is what i have heard).

Do you know if there are daily direct chapa's from beira to ilha de mozambique, and, if not, is it possible to go to Nampula and change chapa to Ilha (comming from Beira) in one day?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Hi Marij

Firstly I would try not to go via Beira as this involves a big, bumpy uncomfortable detour. So get to the Vilankulo bus terminus at 0500 in the morning and ask for any transport heading to Quelimane, or even Nampula, NOT VIA BEIRA.

Even if you just find transport to Inchope, take it and get off at Inchope and ask for transport to Quelimane or Nampula. You should at least make ti to Quelimane where I advise you stay over at Pensao Ideal (ask when you arrive in Quelimane). Then take 0600 bus to Nampula and you should be able to find a chapa to Ilha same day.

Note that including Beira in your trip will add on 4hrs in a bus and a night in Beira.

Sorry can't give solid details, but this is how I travel when using public transport in Moz, and so far it's been good for me, anyway.



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