This Christmas: via Komatipoort or Swaziland?

mozman created the topic: This Christmas: via Komatipoort or Swaziland?

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Note that from Dec 25 - 27 the Lebombo (Komatipoort) R. Garcia border, going in and out of Moz will be much quieter.

Currently the delay going in to Mozambique is about 4 hours, but up to 7 hours?

With little rain forecast to Friday 26 Dec, the Moamba detour routes to bypass Maputo should reimain opne to high clearance and 4x4 vehicles.

The mad rush back from Moz to SA begins on Jan 2 and peaks in 2015 during Jan 9 - 13.

R. Garcia / Lebombo will,remain 24 hrs to Jan 18. I would consider Gobw into Swaziland which is 24hrs year-round.

If using the Moamba route to bypass Maputo, note that Moamba to Boane road is in terrible condition 30kph in a good 4x4 due to endless potjoles and broken tarmac. I would go Marracune - Costs do Sol then through Maputo and Matola to Boane then Gobs, or Namaacha.



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