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Hi, I'm planning a motorbike and sidecar trip through africa and have lots of questions about Mozambique :)

My Ideal route: enter from Tanzania on west side - spend a few days by the lake - cut across Niassa Reserve to the coast - come down the coast and then across to Zim at Mutare boarder

Ha! Perfect - now how can I make it happen?

Boarder - finding it hard to find entry point information - any advise bearing in mind I will have a vehicle
roads - I get that there isn't a mapped road across the reserve - If I start off from Lichinga into the reserve - I can see dirt road to Mecula - wondering if there might be some game reserve tracks going across from there....? Anyone done this? (lol probably not - but worth an ask)
Camps or Lodges - would be good to know if there are any camps or lodges on the path, if so which? as I image not many petrol stations and will need to get something arranged.

Thanks for any help or advise you can give :)


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Hi there and apologies for the long delay in replying.

The route you mention is actually quire well used and fairly easy during the dry season, but avoid the January to April summer rains that can leave some stretches impassable and bridges cut.

You must get a visa for Moz in Dar es Salaam and rhen get to Songea and enter Moz at the Mitomoni / Matchedje (also called Segundo Congresso) border and from there to Lichinga on fairly good sand and gravel roads, when dry.

A reasonable place to stay in Lichinga is the Pousada next to the newer but overpriced Girssol Lichinga hotel. Then to Marrupa on a mostly excellent tarmac road, refuel here and head north to Mecula on a fair to rough track that is sometimes cut during the rainy season.

The tracks in the Reserva do Niassa are quite drivable and for good advice look up the Niassa Lion Project:

Go well and if you still need info, please ask.



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