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(repost as requested)

Hi All,
Just got back from Vilanculos where the cyclone hit 10 days ago. Thanks to Marc Hall for the loan of your trailer and for the 2 big 250 litre containers for diesel. It tows like a dream and is currently for sale (from Marc ) so if anyone is interested, contact Marc direct. I would have snapped it up but I am currently half way through building my own trailer. I also see the importance of shocks on an off road trailer as this was the first one I had towed with shocks and I could tell the difference especially on the bumpy roads.

I left JHB, to take some urgent supplies to family and friends, at 4 am on Wednesday the 28th and arrived in Vilanculos just before 7 pm in the dark. (yes I know Im not supposed to travel in Africa in the dark but this was an emergency. And I suggest no-one does this as I came across a few vehicles with no lights or reflectors) The car ran well and towed Marcs loaded trailer without any problems. The effects of the storm started being apparent from the Pambara turn off with allot of trees lying on their sides. The EN1 is still in good condition with only about 140kms of bumpy road of which about 80kms are potholed from the border.
The road to Blue Water Beach resort was riddled with trees and the town of Vilanculos and the airport, not normally visible from the road was now visible. The road has been cleared so getting through was not very hard.
Blue Waters faired pretty well. The trees seemed to take the brunt of the storm as most of them have been stripped of their leaves and some really nice trees have been uprooted. So if you are planning a trip there soon take some shade along with you. All of the buildings have to be re-thatched and there is obviously allot of cleaning up to be done. The 2 A-frames will have to be knocked down. Electricity and water was restored in the resort by 10 oclock on Thursday morning and electricians had been employed to sort out all the wiring at the resort, so the camp sites now have power with the odd small problems still being worked on. The campsites toilets took a bit of a beating with some of the walls destroyed. Brian the owner of the resort hopes to be up and running as per normal by the middle of March. The bar was reopened on Friday the 2nd March and the 2M's were as cold as usual and the view of the islands was as breathtaking as normal.
After helping with the start of the clean up operations, getting sunburnt and taking a swim in the sea, I decided to take a drive through to town on Thursday afternoon. The town was as busy as normal with locals doing their trade and I bought some fresh porra rolls. The normal sounds of Vilanculos were constantly interrupted with hammering which was going on all over the place. Mostly people fixing roofs and homes.
To give you an idea how strong the wind was, the advertising signs in Vilanculos, have been blown over with the 5mm I beams that held them up twisted and bent like they were tin foil.
Most of Vilanculos has been hit quite badly. The buildings North of Vilanculos seem to be slightly better off than the buildings in Vilanculos and south of Vilanculos. In Vilanculos and South of Vilanculos all the hedges have either been stripped or blown over. In the North they still look pretty normal.
The banks have reopened and the old market is trading as normal. So supplies were easy to get. The new market has been totally destroyed along with the Pep store. Palm trees have been snapped in half and the road to Baobab has been riddled with trees and debrey. Baobabs Pub has been destroyed. Smugglers Pub next to the harbor has been stripped of its roof and there is debry everywhere.
Resorts like Beach Lodge will be closed for some time as they have allot of structural damage. I spoke to the manager and they expect to be closed until the end of the year but will only be certain once they have cleaned up a bit. I was told that they can not get into some of the rooms as the doors will


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Thanks Bruce.



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