Mozambique Visa Charges

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To clear up any confusion and/or consternation regarding the massive visa increases. So far these appear to be only applicable to non-South Africans (we don't need visas) applying for their visas AT A CONSULATE IN SOUTH AFRICA. Visas are issued at almost all borders (still waiting for Kilambo/Namoto at Rovuma mouth), and all international airports for USD30 ON ARRIVAL - ZAR185 at the borders coming from South Africa. So the the general advice is for you to get your visa on arrival, but if a delay at airports of around 30 minutes in not acceptable, or at land borders of up to an hour (Longer over Easter and Christmas holiday periods), then get your visa before departure.

Also another complication is those travelling by bus. Some bus companies are reluctant to let you on if you don't have a visa, but if this happens, point out to the staff that you are aware that you could be left behind by the bus at the border while waiting for your visa and will procede using a taxi (plenty of these available).



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