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I've just used the 'Ask Mike' section and am grateful that such a forum exists.
One small idea from my side, as a JHB-based traveller, is a 'live' article that analyses roads problems in both wet and dry seasons. This would be compiled only once.
As we all know, the Mozambicans are pressing ahead with upgrading their roads infrastructure. This is on-going.
Once these year-round or wet-season problems are listed (one time) they would then be tagged and monitored through your Mozambican sources as to when works will likely start and finish. This would be updated on the web site monthly, through willing sources in the national or provincial roads departments.
Not only would this become THE essential resource for independent travellers, but might also cut down on the number of repetitive inquiries in these forums.
I'm not talking about an essay, more of a list, prominently flagged on your home page.
Maybe this could also be extended to rail links, boats, air links and airfields.
Of course, once Mozambican communications infrastructure has been upgraded, there would be no requirement for such at-a-glance, frequent communications. But, meantime...
Finally, maybe some of the larger companies involved in such infrastructure, such as petrol companies, road/bridge builders, airlines and the government - even soft-drink companies - could be invited to sponsor such monthly investigations and communications.
Just a thought...
Best regards and thanks again.


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Thanks for the suggestions.

Within the PDF guides there are route reports but yes the conditions are changing. Problem is that while some routes are being upgraded (can take years) others are deteriorating so it's a see-saw scenario.



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