AK47 Attack near Ponta Malongane

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Just heard via the www.overland.co.za website that according to the Afrikaans language "Die Beeld" newspaper, a South Africa group were attacked XXXXXX by a group including a "12- 15 year-old" as they were approaching Ponta Malongane which is about 10km north of Ponta do Ouro which in turn is about 10km north of the South African (Kwazula Natal) Kosi Bay border. As Easter is peak time for this part of Moz there are tens of thousands of holidaymakers in the area but I do not expect a panic as most will be from SA where we have become a little too accustomed to this sort of "bad day".

Amazingly no-on dead but two people were wounded. Malongane is about 100km SOUTH of Maputo so all you folk up there at Inhambane, Vilankulo, Pemba, Helsinki etc can relax, but don't forget the sunscreen!

Just got this reply from Ponta Malongane:
"Dear guests and supporter of the Ponta Malongane Holiday Resort

We have received many queries with regards to the recent articles in “The Beeld”, “Die Burger” and “Cape Argus” about AK-47 shooting over the Easter holidays and in response ?(as being named the resort under the scrutiny of the media) we would like to inform everyone on the situation.

A group of South African tourists from the Western Cape, who were on holiday at the Ponta Malongane Holiday Resort, decided to embark on an excursion outside the boundaries of Ponta Malongane, and explored areas further to the north of Ponta Malongane Holiday Resort.

On their return from Ponta Mamoli, about 5 km from Ponta Malongane, the ambush incident occurred. Three unknown young men appeared out of the dense vegetation, one who was armed with an AK47. Unaware of the strange happenings the driver stopped, he asked the three men if there was a problem, but they just told them to turn-up the vehicle’s windows and keep on driving. In relief they proceeded whereupon the armed individual suddenly opened fire on the vehicle. The motif remains a mystery as the majority of the shots were low, indicating an attempt to stop the vehicle. After the gun was fired the three men fled the scene without any reward.

The wounded middle aged man was treated and stabilized in the camp by the Ponta Malongane paramedic with the assistance of two other paramedics which were also on holiday at Ponta Malongane. The man was soon stabilized and then transported to South Africa, escorted by the Mozambique Police and Ponta Malongane security. We also would like to mention, that without the experience of the Ponta Malongane team and the holiday volunteers, the man could have died. Ponta Malongane supplied most of medical equipment and disposables to save the victims life.

So there are questions to ask yourself about objectiveness of our media/what’s wrong with our media? Why even reputable newspapers downgrade themselves to “yellow press” in order to get “hot sensational material”? When for the first time over the last 4 years a single violent crime incident took place in the Southern Mozambique, it was enough for them to start the hysteria. Three of the most reputable newspapers placed the articles on their first pages, screaming about ‘Bloody Easter’ and ‘holiday in hell’, without any confirmation from either Mozambican or South African police or resort’s management on the facts they published. All conclusions of the above articles were based solely on the opinion of the victim, facts of one article were contradicting to the facts in another and it was said nowhere, that after 1 hour of the incident, Mozambican police had investigated the scene and set block posts on the main roads in the area. There was no mentioning of the fact that additional 50 policemen from Maputo were deployed by Mozambican government the next morning in order to catch the criminals and provide maximum security in the area.

Ponta Malongane has always been and still is a safe destination for thousands of South Africans who prefer to spend their holidays in quiet and crime free natural<


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Sounds as if the press, together with our typical SA racist attitude, is trying to cause havoc here. I am mentioning "typical SA racist attitude" because of an incident I hope I never have to experience again. Early March this year, my daughter, her fiancé & I went on a cruise on the Melody to the Portuguese Island. We were fortunate enough to have had good weather which allowed us to leave the boat to spend the day on the Portuguese Island. In typical Mozambican manner, the locals had their goods for sale on display at their various little spots. We were warned to keep an eye on the locals as they are very poor & will help themselves if given an opportunity, and unfortunately some of the visitors from the ship took this very seriously. One of the ladies had mistaken where she was sitting before going for a walk & caused panic amongst the rest of the crowd accusing the locals of stealing her bag, towel & clothes. Well, this is exactly where I was embarrassed to admit I'm South African. These Dutchmen & their wives who NEVER miss a meal, treated the locals like "s....t" (excuse the French). They were calling the locals names & told them to "voertsek"...., and this in the local's own country??!! We ran into the lady whose things were "stolen" back on the boat the next day, & she told us she found her stuff & that she was looking in the completely wrong spot for it when she thought it was stolen.

If the AK47 incident really happened the way the press & the motorist who got wounded described it, & say the so-called "attack" was aimed at South Africans, could it be that we deserve this kind of treatment from Mozambicans? I sincerely hope this was just an incident from some irresponsible Moz citizens, & I'm sure it was, but I'd like to say to my fellow South Africans, if you do not like the Mozambican locals, then stay out of their country. Maybe book a family holiday in Johannesburg's famous Carlton Centre, but you cannot go swearing at the locals in their own country & expect to be treated like Royalty!!

Mike, if you think this is said too harsh, feel free to delete my message, I won't take offence OK?



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When I first read of the AK47 incident my 'not the whole story' warning light started glowing bright red. That the attack took place is not really surprising to me, but rather, in the light of how badly 'many' South Africans behave in Mozambique, what surprises me is that there are not more of us who are sent home with a few rounds in our backsides.

A facts a fact.



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