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Welcome to the new site! Since 2004 we've been providing travellers with independent expert advice and have recently rebuilt the site to be more user friendly, responsive to mobile browsers and provide future features for lodges and activity providers. So whether you're an independent traveller, a 4x4 enthusiast, looking for a family holiday or a location for your movie you'll find useful information in our FAQ's, destination sections and the detailed forums - feel free to post a message for our resident Moz expert to answer if you don't find what you're looking for. Please also let us know any feedback on the new site and join our Facebook group if you'd like to receive Moz news and updates. Boa Viagem!

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Buy the Book

gtbookOur resident Moz expert has been travelling the country since the early 1980's and written a number of travel books, the most recent Globetrotter guide is available for purchase on the Mapstudio site.

The guide containts helpful tips, maps and destinations details ideal for first time visitors.

Contents includes:
– Maputo
– Inhambane & Surrounds
– Bazaruto Archipelago
– From Beira to Tete
– North of the Zambezi

Buy the book on Mapstudio

Or Watch the movie! 

We really like this video from Cape Town based Kraaldog Productions
It encapsulates everything that's great about a Moz holiday and also features some awesome drone footage - if this doesn't make you want to pack up and head for a beach you're on the wrong site!

Your Own Personal Mozguide.

Over the past 25 years I have visited almost everywhere in Mozambique.  I have re-opened old prospecting and hunting tracks in my 4x4.  I have paddled stretches of the Rovuma, Zambezi and Save Rivers.  I have climbed most of the mountains and walked many of the National Parks and Reserves.  I have used trucks, buses, donkey-carts, dugouts, dhows, bicycles, motorbikes and helicopters to get around.  You can benefit from this massive store of experience and expertise by commissioning your very own unique bespoke "Personal Mozguide".

You can also hire me (and my Toyota Prado 4x4 vehicle - with complete Safari gear if necessary) to show you around and look after you anywhere in Mozambique and its neighbouring countries (South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania.  I will also arrange any other form of transport such as boat,  private plane or helicopter should these be necessary to achieve your objectives.  


My personal guiding rate is $250 per day (1-5 days), $200 per day (6-10 days) and $175 per day (11 days or more) per group of up to six people. Larger groups are charged at $300 (1-5 days), $250 (6-10 days) and $200 (11 days or more) per day.  In addition should require the use of my 7-Seater Toyota Prado 4x4 (with or without Safari gear), an additional $100 per day will be charged.  300km per day included, but additional km will be charged at $0.20 per km.

Note that these rates exclude all other expenses such as fuel, accommodation, food, park entry fees etc.


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